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As the journey begins

As I write this summer is in retreat, a little too early if you ask me. You get subtle hints in the morning when the sun is at her brightest and yet you feel that slight nip in the air. I personally love an autumn morning. I’ve accepted I’m a Scotsman living in Scotland. Our summers don’t really last too long.

I am a few days out from starting my journey up and down the West Highland Line. A line I’ve traveled a hundred times if not more. The photo above was in fact taken on a September morning not so many years ago. Looking at it now it brings a little excitement to the fold. When you’re safely behind the glass on that train with the heat turned up and a whiskey in hand, it all feels magical.

As the summer season draws ever nearer to a close something happens on these train services up to Oban, the Fort and Mallaig. Empty seats start appearing. I used to think this was a good thing for some reason, maybe because it got quieter or you feel you had the view more to yourself, who knows. But as I begin this project to build the site I feel there are people missing out on this journey at this time of year. The photo above can vouch for me.

As I took this photo the air was cold to breathe but the train was warm. I had a light feeling in my stomach, it could have been the whiskey or maybe it was just the excitement. My 4-hour journey went by in what felt like 1 hour. That’s what keeps me coming back. That’s what gives me a calling when this time of year comes around.

So I will start my journey by capturing this magical time, on this magical line and sharing it with you.


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